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We offer many solutions that can solve communication issues within a car dealership, whether is staff recall or guest recall or emergency paging we have the technology to help and improve your business.  

There is many solutions to solving the communication problems within a auto car dealership, from staff paging, staff recall to customer recall and emergency paging at LRS we can help you get around any communication problem with pagers and coaster. Improve your staffs performance and increase the revenue and also boost the customer satisfaction and create a more relaxed less intense environment for them when customers are purchasing cars or assistance from your business.




When people buy cars they normally have a member of staff that can guide them and more than likely its appointment based - allow customers to roam around the shows rooms viewing vehicles they like until they are recalled via the Coaster Call CS6/7 that informs them to make there way to reception. Tying a customer down to a waiting room is reducing many different sales that could be happening.

The Coaster System is more reliable then and efficient then other 'old' methods, saving staff time its easy to use and staff will no longer be wasting work time searching for customers within the building.

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We offer a system that will call staff for service - available for the customers or for the staff! When in a discussion with customers in a office many Car Dealerships offer drinks to their customers this is where the Butler XP is great instead of leaving the customers on there own easily press for service and have member of staff that works behind the cafe or a member of staff that is free to serve you...This gives the customer a much more relaxed comfortable experience when purchasing form your business.

The butler XP can also be used as an emergency call or an security call we can place this system below desks onto walls...anywhere! This system allows you to protect staff and customers immediately and reliably.

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A staff paging system is essential in a sales environment - recall staff and tell them where to with the 4 Line alpha, The staff pagers are great for receptionists we can integrate a pager with the door so when the door goes a member of staff will get the notification and can attend to them immediately if they are not by the desk at that given time.

There is many different ways these systems can be used they are mainly in front of house at reception.

These are great for informing sales people there customers have arrived for an appointment or recalling staff for service...We have great systems that will for sure solve the issues that bring the company down.

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