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In the casino money is being made every second but when customers are waiting for a table they are waiting decide of it not spending any money on machines or the bar - hand customers a coaster that will recall them when their table is ready for them this gives customers the chance the browse and spend money at the casino.

Not only do we offer coasters for customer recall but we also offer our great new and improved push buttons, customers now have the chance to push for service for drinks or food or any there requirements not only is the push button perfect for customer but also staff we have a emergency button for staff to use that can be fixed under tables or on walls!




Hand customers a coaster that will recall them immediately when their table is ready for them - giving them chance to spend money at the bar or play another game while waiting for that certain table, give customers freedom in the casino and eliminate over crowding. The robust coaster is perfect for the casino environment if dropped or banged the large rubber bumper wrapped around the coaster gives it amazing protection. With 4 charging pins the coaster can also be charged in any direction easy and quickly.

The coaster is very easy to understand the use of - with coaster labels available you are able to promote something in the casino or advertise the instructions very clear that the coaster is to be returned when it vibes and flashes. This system also saves allot of time that staff will waste looking for customers over the casino its the perfect solution!

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A custom made call button is a great 'push for service' button that allows customers to get drinks without leaving the betting table or machine - allowing customers to be served on while betting will increase seas at the bar - not only do they work great but they also look great and can be made to match the inertia of the casino. Made in many colours and can be engraved with exact needs.

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Security Call paging, The Butler XP emergency call button can be placed anywhere around the casino even under tables - many of times at the casino customer may get irritated and aggressive towards staff it is important that staff can be protected at all times immortally and reliably...The butler XP can be pressed by staff to call security over immediately without any hesitation!

Keep your staff safe with the Butler XP

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