Guest Pager Systems

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The most common use of our paging systems is to page guests or customers who are waiting for services, treatment or notification. Business who incorporate our paging systems into their daily operations, experience greater efficiency, increased guest satisfaction, and a boost to their bottom line.

Paging systems are also used for communication between staff. One of our well known and most used pager system is the cs6/cs7. The CS6/7 is perfect for recalling guests, patients and customers in busy environments.

The coaster call system is the perfect solution for many industries where recalling guests/customers can be hard. Swell as a recall system this coaster can be used as a location, in a cafe or restaurant the customer will raise the coaster when it is flashing, vibrating to indicate to the waiter that's where they are sitting.


One solution where CS6/7 work a dream is restaurants/cafes coaster will allow staff to recall the customers when for example the table is ready allowing them to spend money at the bar - it creates faster table turns and also creates your staff into faster more efficient workers.

Used in many industries the coaster pager is a perfect solution to communication problems all over the UK and have been a major success since released.

Used in Casinos to recall customers when a table is ready - allowing them to play on other tables while they wait, spending more money

Healthcare to recall patients when their appointment is ready - saving name shouting and maintaining the confidentiality that most patients appreciate, also allowing them to move from the waiting room

Pharmacy's staff are able to recall the customers when their prescriptions are ready to collect - giving them the opportunity o browse the store and potentially buy something.

Car dealerships - recall visitors or customer giving them freedom away from a waiting area

Bowling can get very busy and many of times customers are told to wait for half an hour or even more - recall them easily with he cs6 or cs7 without relying on the customer to remember the time slot, making it a lot more relaxed and allowing them to again look around and spend money at the bar or the arcade.

cafes and restaurants - recall customers when their table is ready reducing walk outs, improving staffs performance and creating faster table turns

And many more!

Benefits of CS6, CS7

  • UHF Frequency FM (420-470mhZ) Penetrates walls, ceiling, and floors more effectively
  • "heartbeat" charge light
  • any-orientation stack-charging system. means pagers can be stacked in any direction
  • Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
  • LED Numbers are ideal for low light
  • vibration, flash, glow, white, and alert modes
  • available in Red, Green, Blue, White and Multi-Cultured
  • tracking molded
  • 4 charging pins for diverse charging
  • Increase throughput - Turn more tables
  • Free guests from being tied to a waiting area
  • eliminate noisy overhead PA Paging
  • Minimize crowds in waiting area


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