Guest Pager Systems

golf & country club solutions

Golf courses and country clubs must provide exceptional service while maintaining a budget. LRS offers several solutions to meet the needs of the golf and country club industry.

 These solutions will not only help you provide better service to customers or guests but increase your profitability with an ROI of just weeks.

Recall customers when they are waiting for there space free the reception eliminating crowding, effectively creating a invisible cue! not only can our recall systems be used by customers waiting to start their game but also for the cafe or appointments with staff, Create a more peaceful less manic environment for your customers and your staff! improve your staffs performance and increase the customers satisfaction immediately!




Coaster pagers are great for gold and country clubs where recalling guests and customers is a massive advantage - the old days are gone where poor customer service is no longer tolerated.

With CS6 or the CS7 guests can be recalled immediately to an area where the coaster is handed back to staff. It can be used in many scenarios whether waiting for golf, waiting for equipment or waiting for a table in the cafe...Coaster Call is perfect!

With a bold rubber outlining on the coaster it protects it against drops and bangs, but still looks and feels great!

available with custom labels the CS7 Pro is perfect for advertising your self and special deals as well as making the coaster look good and branded as well!

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Recall customers easily with the adverteaser pager - immediately recall guests AND advertise on the front and back, getting your message across to guests could not be easier!

The tamper proof pager is perfect for customers waiting to be seen buy a golf trainer or just a member of staff it is easily to recall them instantly instead of leaving customers all in one combined room! customers can now roam and look around.

Adverteaser is an alternative method to CS6/CS7 recalling guests and customers

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Alphanumeric is our text staff pager for staff. Recall staff with a 255 character discreet pager that can be up to 4 lines of instructive text. Its a great way to get in touch with staff that are in different areas of the building.

Making staff allot more quicker at responding to other jobs it will improve the customer service and the communication between staff!

If you would like to know more information about the alphanumeric 4-Line staff pager then please contact us today and a member of our well trained sales team will get in touch with you answering any questions that you need to know about our alpha staff pager!