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Grocery solutions by LRS

We have many solutions that are perfect for grocery solutions, They can help minimize staff, enhance customer service and improve staffs performance with the grocery paging solutions - Recall customers and staff easily and effortlessly allowing them to browse other areas of the store before coming to collect their order for example. Give customers the chance to buy other additional things while they wait with a recall system at hand they can go anywhere in stall and then be recalled back.

These systems allow you to manage your staff and get customers seen to quicker! while improving the staffs performance you are enhancing the customers satisfaction and drastically bringing down there wait times!



The coaster pagers are ideal for Pharmacy's, Delis or the stores Cafe...Hand the customer the pager and it immediately gives them more freedom to go to other areas within the store or brows the next few isles knowing when the coaster is paged its time to return.

Its perfect for small cafes that work on customer collection. Many cafes will shout order numbers and hope that the customer returns to collect with coaster pagers there is no name calling the coaster is simply paged and the customer returns immediately - it effectively creates a 'invisible cue' and eliminates crowding.

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Similar purpose to the coaster pager the Adverteaser will recall customers but with the advertiser you can promote anything on the front and the back perfect for advertising to customers that are waiting.

The adverteaser can recall customers within the store, a great benefit of the advertiser is the fact you can promote your company or special offers on the front or the back. The adverteaser is completely tamper proof! and is build in Lexan plastic the toughest and best plastic available on the market!

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The PC paging solution will remove all the overhead calls once and for all instead of disturbing the ambiance with miss when staff try and communicate with each other - PC Paging allows staff to communicate over text or automated voice calls - speeding up the staff they may not hear instructions through a mike.

Its the perfect solution for supermarkets and grocery stores all across the UK- boosting staffs performance and keeping peace in the store without miss heard names or maybe staff don't even hear it at all.

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