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healthcare paging solutions

On-site paging can be a tremendous asset for any healthcare facility. Whether our paging system is used to page waiting families or roaming staff, our wireless paging systems are ideal. Our products help increase efficiency, reduce overhead and maintain patient confidentiality.

Recalling patients and staff can be a very useful and time saving thing in a doctors or hospital not only does it speed up the staff but it also allows the patients to be more free instead of sitting inn a waiting room worrying incase they miss their name the caster will recall them with a discreet silent page obtaining the patients confidentiality also.

We offer security pagers that can be very useful in a healthcare situation - the butler XP for example can be places and mounted onto anything and pressed if there is an emergency where security or nurses are needed





Notify family of completed procedures or notify patients that it's time for their treatment.

Allows freedom from the waiting room where minutes seem like hours - allowing them to get a drink or get fresh air whatever it is they can do that without worrying that they miss their name. Its also great for patients to use because its the most confidential way to recall someone without shouting their name out or showing it on screen, patients can feel a lot more relaxed with the coaster call recall pager.

The Coaster Call can easily recall patients or family and friends of patients its the perfect solution for Healthcare, Doctors and Nurses within the industry.

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Instantly and discreetly page staff throughout your facility on the LRS alphanumeric pager. Works from any desktop or phone in the facility. 

A 4Line pager will receive up to 200 characters 4 line message sent from a transmitter/butler XP - these staff pagers are great for security, nurses and doctors with a plastic clip available additionally the pagers can be secure and safe.

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Call staff immediately with the touch of a button. Great for professional offices such as dentists and doctors.

Great for healthcare the butler XP is available as a one button or a two button system - robust and perfect for mounting the XP is great as a security measure for reception staff who have to deal with irritated and frustrated patients in the building.

The XP can also be used to call nurses or doctors if an incident happens in reception an automatic page will be sent out and the closest nurse/doctor will take the call.

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