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Onsite paging and communication systems for all sectors by long range systems UK.

Improve the communication between staff and customers and create a much more peaceful environment whether its recalling guests/customers/patients or recalling staff our solutions can help no matter what industry you are in!



Give customers the chance to sit on other tables in the casino while waiting to be recalled when a certain table or area is ready for them. An easy way to recall them will be with our coaster pagers! Staff are able to easily recall customers giving them chance to look around the casino potentially spending more money!

We offer customer pagers and staff pagers for casinos! improve staff and boost the customers satisfaction with our solutions also because the coasters will allow customers be free it will potentially return on investment.

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In healthcare it is sometimes crucial to recall staff or customers immediately within the hospital or doctors! The patient recall system we offer is perfect for healthcare environments while patients wait for the doctors they wont be tied down in a waiting area - giving them opportunity to go to the cafe or to the shop. It also is a reassurance that patients are receiving the message that the doctors are ready for them as doctors can be waiting up to half an hour when patients have not heard their name or there is confusion with reception! Coaster call saves all of these problems.

We also offer staff paging and emergency call buttons for healthcare sectors across the UK find out more!






Tensions can sometimes build high when working within education, it is important that staff and students can call security or for help at a push of a button which is why we offer emergency call buttons for schools and university's across the UK. We also offer other solutions for recalling students, visitors or staff!

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Restaurants and pubs and bars can get very busy and crowded which creates a slow run for staff and the kitchen we offer systems that can create faster table turns (ROI), improve staffs performance and boost customer satisfaction.









We offer pagers that will improve your staffs performance within the retail industry! Easily recall staff and customers with our coaster pagers!

It can be hard and frustrating to contact staff and customers in a big retail store or a shopping mall, so we offer solutions that will boost customer satisfaction and also boost the profit!

Having for example call buttons in a fitting room will prevent walk outs and increase sales by helping customers receive quicker service

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Golf and country clubs


Recall customers when the game is ready with the CS6 Coaster pagers! give customers more freedom, The coasters can also be used within a cafe or bar to recall customers.






Auto car dealerships


While Customers wait for staff or receptionists they can be handed a simple coaster that will recall them when they are ready to be customers the opportunity to browse the store!

Not only are coasters the perfect solution to customers waiting but also out custom call buttons!

When buying a car customers in many auto dealerships staff tend to give the customers a one to one experience, allow staff to page other staff members if in need of assistance, coffee or test drives







Recall patients back with coaster call systems that pages when a prescription is ready for pickup, this gives patients more freedom and relaxation knowing they can not miss their order because they will feel the page!

not only does this increase the staffs performance but can also increase the profit. While customers wait with the coasters they are able walk about and gives them a chance to but other things in the pharmacy that they wouldn't normally buy if they would walk around and browse the shelves.

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