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The CS Series coaster pager is the perfect solution for recalling guests, patients and customers of many business across the UK.

A easy to use low costing solution for recalling customers, patients and guests in a busy environment where recalling customers is crucial. Why use the old fashioned name calling method!

Why tie customers to a waiting area when they could be browsing the stores and buying from your company while waiting.

To find out more please contact us or visit out solutions page and see where the coaster call pager can be used.




4 Line staff pager system that will allow staff to be recalled with a descriptive message.

The 4 line staff pager is a robust pager that can be used for many sectors of business whether its to recall staff to a certain room or its a security pager that pages in an emergency whatever it is we can solve the problem!







 Star staff pager is the perfect pager for waiters, nurses and receptionists. Easily and quickly recall staff to certain zones or areas.

The robust design with the clipping back gives protection and also unlike other pagers from competitors that copy the design of our pagers the clip on the back can be removed easily so if the clip breaks of you would not need to return the pager as a whole! - the robust pager is ideal for all industry's.

Perfect for kitchen paging!

To find out more about the star staff pager please contact our team today buy calling us or filling in our online form!







The adverteaser is a perfect system for recalling guests, patients. With a chance to advertise on the back the adverteaser is very useful for many business...Giving customers and patients the chance to visit other areas of the store or hospital.

Easily recall customers and patients easily and immediately!







Custom Call Buttons used in many big and small companies; these custom call buttons are perfect for the high end customer facing clientele. Our call buttons are very popular within yachts and super yachts.

Let customers recall staff with our custom call buttons; the buttons can be unique to your business and blend with the interior of your premises because we make them in many designs and colours. Its a great way for customers to get great service quickly and easily at the press of a button!

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Table Tracker the system everyone is looking for! Locate your customers in your restaurant/cafe and pin point their exact table location - not only does this save the confusion that staff in many restaurants and cafes have to deal with on a daily basis but it also improves their performance and food gets delivered out of the kitchen faster than ever before! With data available to prove the speed of table tracker it is a system that will create faster table turns and boost the customers satisfaction.

Contact us to find out more information on the one and only table tracker - the most reliable system for table locating there is!