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We offer many systems that are perfect for manufacturing solutions. From an immediate first aid call or a visitor/customer recall systems.

recognizes the need for immediate communication within a manufacturing facility. After all, we are one ourselves.
Speedy communication can have several benefits within an organization.

Improve your staffs work flow and services with our solutions quick and easy!  Recall customers, visitors, staff or first aid to you immediately with the solutions we offer! 




  • Locating staff quickly
  • Minimizing machine downtime
  • Minimizing emergency response time
  • Eliminating "telephone tag"
  • Reminding groups of team meetings
  • Signaling break times for different groups
  • Eliminating the overhead paging system



We offer pager systems that can recall visitors or customers easily and immediately without staff running around to find them, This saves staffs time and also gives customers or visitors of the site to step outside or browse around - eliminating over crowding in a waiting area!

The coaster call pagers are perfect for recalling guests and clients while visiting staff or the site.

The robust system is perfect for manufacturing with a large rubber bumper and 4 charging pins surround the coaster its easy to charge in any position.

Even label the coaster with your own branding or instructions for the customer so when the page goes off they are more than aware of where to go and how to return it!






One of the most used system in manufacturing industries is the Butler XP its robust casing and 2 button system makes it easy for staff or visitors to call for help at any station!

A one touch system that can recall first aid immediately to the scene or staff available as a one or 2 button system the Butler XP is very flexible with its purposes.

This system is also great for if a machine goes down you are cutting the time back - less time the machine is down for the less time staff are waiting to do their job!




Staff alphanumeric, recall staff to an emergency on site or recall them to an error on site whatever the need is the alphanumeric can recall staff immediately with a 255 character description staff can go to a certain area knowing what kind of an emergency it may be!

This alpha will also inform staff if the job has been seen to already and cancel the page of everyone else's but the managers! This is a great benefit of this pager - its incredible technology if the perfect solution for recalling and dismissing staff!


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