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Pharmacies are busier than ever and more competitive. It is essential that pharmacies develop new methods of doing business to meet the demands of the customer. On top of that, the government has added more regulations regarding confidentiality.

Paging systems for pharmacies are the new and best way to recall patients waiting.

Improve staffs performance and speed up the wait times for the customers. Allow staff to easily locate and recall customers within the pharmacy without shouting or showing names - with the systems we have to offer can help staff and create a more relaxing environment - customers are seen to quicker and staff can get other things done without having to go around the store looking for the customer that may not have seen or heard their name.

Instead of making customers wait by the till hand them a recall system that allows them to browse the rest of the pharmacy store without missing their recall!




Recall customers waiting in the chemist for their prescription, eliminating the over crowding around the pharmacy counter allowing the customers to browse the chemist and potentially buy other things. Creating an invisible queue the CS6-CS7 is perfect for ALL pharmacy's.

Not only is this system great for customers but also staff, instead of shouting customers names disturbing the ambiance they can be recalled discreetly also maintaining customer confidentiality.


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Recall staff for assistance when needed instantly and quickly! Get rid of the old method of shouting staff for assistance easily page them instantly.

With a 255 character 4 line message the pager can explain where assistance is needed or what for!

The easiest and most reliable way to contact staff that are not in eye site. Not just for staff behind the counter the alphanumeric pagers are great for security! Call a security guard without raising an alarm if and when needed.

Improve staffs performance and helps to get customers seen to quicker than usual

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To meet these needs, We have developed multiple on-premise wireless solutions that will increase your level of customer service as well as:

  •  Increase sales by allowing waiting customers to shop
  • Maintain customer confidentiality
  • Reduce overhead labor requirements
  • improve your staffs performance
  • enhance customer experience and satisfaction
  • speed up wait times

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