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Long Range Systems offers a wide selection of products and services designed to make your restaurant more profitable. Since 1993, we have been the leader in restaurant paging by listening to the needs of our customers.

In fact, most of our products have been created from ideas submitted by customers like you. We offer equipment for restaurant paging, Electronic Comments Cards, Wireless Internet Access Services and Motorola radios.

In addition to our wireless communication products, we also provide exciting new services such as Click-Ahead Seating.

At LRS, we don't just sell equipment; we sell profitability for your bottom line.





Ideal for dinner theaters and comedy clubs. Guests request service with the push of a button and receive an immediate response from the waiter in the area!

These new call buttons are a perfect solution to increase service and operate exceptionally well on tables; keep customers in their seats and staff doing their job efficiently, improving the staffs performance and increasing the customers satisfaction.

The custom designer call button can be made to suit your interior of your building; the customer call buttons look great and are by far the best in the industry with so many options available. High quality.





Easily recall customers when the tables are ready to dismiss any crowding and also promote the bar where customers will spend money on drinks while waiting instead of filling the waiting room up that can cause walk outs

The coaster call pager will increase Table Turns and improve your staffs performance while boosting your customers satisfaction!

The Coaster is perfect for recall and can even be used as a table location!

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Page servers when food is ready, increase check averages and deliver food faster at the right temperature, reducing the amount of food returned to the kitchen and reduces confusion the SP4 pagers are perfect for staff recall within a kitchen.

The 4 line alpha can show up to 200 characters of message on the screen of the pager, perfect for reminders to staff and to tell them where to go to. The messages shown on the alpha are customer programmed into the pager.

The alpha is a easy simple communication pager. Managers can now notify and communicate with staff no matter where in the building they are.

staff are quicker at responding to tasks improving their performances and customers satisfaction!

Available with a leather case for ultimate protection





Locate a table instantly with the Table Tracker system, there is no more staff running to each table hoping to find the correct on! The table tracker will identify the number of the table when the customer sits down and immediately that is go to the screen by the food pass so staff are aware - even if the customer changed tables the food is still delivered to the right place - not only are tables being found but food is being delivered a lot quicker with the data to show you the times it takes for staff to find the table and the time the food takes you are able to change your restaurant for the better!