Guest Pager Systems

retail pager solutions


Retail business can get very busy and most of the time customers are left waiting for staff

We offer systems that can recall staff immediately

Whether its recalling staff or customers we can help provide you with the most suitable product for your business we understand that tensions rise when in a busy environment - Pagers can help calm it down. Coaster call CS7 - CS6  will save staff waiting for customers because they forgot the time or did not hear; see their name - the coaster pager will recall them and indicate to them they need to go back and collect their improves your staffs performance allowing them to get on with other things in the time they would have wasted searching for customers .


Systems can range from recalling customers when their personal shopper is available or customers recalling staff within the fitting room when they need assistance! Contact us today do one of our sales team can give your more information and more benefits of our retail solutions!

 Benefits of the retail pager systems -

  • Improves staffs performance
  • reduce staff requirements
  • eliminate over head paging
  • improves communication
  • boosts customer satisfaction



Eliminate the frustration of customers waiting in lines and give your customers more opportunities to shop. Allowing customers to browse other areas of the store while they wait for their coaster to vibrate to then return to the pick up point or other department for example.

Ideal for Returns Department in store, Service, Gift Wrap and Customer Pick-Up areas these coaster pagers are the perfect solution to ensure that customers get the service they deserve. Forget the rest... buy the best... buy LRS!







Whether it’s in your dressing room or other departments push button paging makes sense. Push Button Paging will give your customers the service they demand while lowering your overhead.

While in a changing room if something does not fit the customer they will more than likely put it back to save the hassle of going around the store finding a different size and start the process all again. With our call buttons customers can now easily recall staff to the fitting rooms for assistance if needed. Potentially raise your company profitability because the customer will not have to suffer less than perfect service, getting the garments they want without hassle or simply leaving.





The Pronto push button is perfect for retail like the custom call buttons they go into fitting rooms so customers can easily recall staff. Can be used as a one button or 6 button so if the store has many shops inside the 6 buttons can be indicated for certain brands they have had the clothes from so a member of staff from that area can help them.

Call us today and find out more about the Pronto Push button