Guest Pager Systems

spa and salon paging solutions


In today’s competitive spa and salon markets, customers demand the best treatments at an affordable price.

Long Range Systems offers three solutions to help these industries become more efficient in their daily operations.

The goal of all LRS’ spa products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses.

With coaster call your staff will spend less time recalling customers using old out dated methods  by using our recall system it creates an invisible cue, keeps guest or customers confidentiality and saves a drastic amount of time - improving your staffs performance and enhancing the customers satisfaction create!

All of our systems can help staff massively by allowing them to complete other jobs while completing one job!





Net Page is a PC staff paging solution allowing you to page staff directly from any PC on your network. It even allows you to page employees directly from any phone in your facility.

 Detailed text messages are sent directly to staff wearing the LRS alphanumeric pagers.

PC paging is a very discreet solution allowing you to communicate with staff even when they are treating clients without interruption.






The Butler XP allows you to notify staff from each treatment room.

Each room can send 2 different messages to 2 different staff members. Whether it’s notifying another staff member you need assistance or just notifying the front desk that you are free to take walk-ins, Butler XP can make communications simple.

For spa and salons the butler XP can be used as an emergency call button that can call security or first aid - the robust system can be mounted onto walls or desks or structures, making customers and guests aware that help is there if ever they need it!







Retain more walk-in customers by allowing them to be notified by pager. Give them freedom while they wait.

Customers are no longer confined to the lobby waiting area. They can easily be reached with our Coaster Call, Advertiser or their personal cell phone.

While being in a spa guests should feel relaxed and at ease - reduce the amount of stress staff and guests have while waiting for their spa treatment guests can be handed the coaster that will allow them to look around and venture out of a crowded waiting room.

Its also the perfect solution for salons! why would you want to tie a customer down in a waiting room that may be crowded loud and irritating for some - hand the customers a pager that will allow them freely to browse around! Creating an invisible queue the cs6 and cs7 coaster pager eliminates walk outs and creates faster service for the customers.



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